Wyoming Nursing Programs

Overview of Wyoming’s Nursing Needs

Wyoming nurses are able to take advantage of the needs felt throughout a state ready to live up to its motto of “Equal Rights.” A recent report by the Wyoming Healthcare Commission showed that as the states’ aging population grows, there is an alarming trend in the numbers of younger workers in the state, year-over-year. This can be a benefit for a healthcare professional seeking a permanent place: Wyoming is a state that will see increasing needs for newly licensed nurses consistent with national trends predicted to rise steadily over the rest of this decade.

Job Outlook for Wyoming Nurses

The increasing needs for nurses in Wyoming do not necessarily mean it is easier for nurses to advance their careers than it was in the past, as schooling and advanced training can be more important today than ever before. Specialization and training gives each nurse an edge when they want to rise in this increasingly technical profession.

However, finding work after graduation is something that most nursing students in Wyoming do not find as challenging as it may be in a larger metropolis or more competitive state. This is great news to the thousands who choose to study and work here.

There are more than 22,300 openings expected due to nurses retiring and Wyoming itself will add at least 5,700 new nursing-related jobs through the year 2020. There does seem to be a trend toward stability and a chance for professional growth in these numbers, supported by the data regarding placements shared by nursing schools and colleges throughout the state.

As in other states, clinical experience becomes a professional tool that will work together with your advanced education to provide a future paved with golden opportunities. Wyoming has a current job outlook that promises you many different locations for you to hone your skills and refine your specialty as your career grows and matures.

Average Nursing Salaries in Wyoming

Data from BLS 2012 10th Percentile 25th Percentile 50th Percentile
Registered Nurses $45,040 $53,670 $65,470
Licensed Practical Nurses $30,970 $34,990 $41,540
Nursing Aides/Orderlies $18,300 $20,940 $24,420
Home Health Aides $16,600 $18,140 $20,820

Licensing in Wyoming for Nurses

The state of Wyoming is not currently affiliated with the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) so to practice in the state nurses will need a valid license from Wyoming’s Board of Nursing. It will take between 30 and 90 days to process the information, depending on the criminal background check. Costs for licensing range between $70-$195, and some specialties will need semi-annual renewals, so be sure to check with the Wyoming Board of Nursing website to answer all your FAQs and attend proper Wyoming licensure.

Nursing Programs in Wyoming

No matter which of point of your professional curve you are upon today, you can explore many exciting opportunities within Wyoming’s nursing educational system. The following are just some of the current nursing programs being offered here.

University of Wyoming‘s nursing program at the Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing is a popular option, offering six specific programs to cover the gamut of professional needs found in the field. Whether you are starting with a Basic BSN or coming back to complete an Interdisciplinary PhD, you will want to discuss your options with the nursing school here to see how it fits into your plans.

Central Wyoming College boasts a high pass rate  - 94% over almost 30 years – for its nursing students taking the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX®-RN). If considering the LPN Advanced Placement programs, you will want to note that you’ll need to take the TEAS (version V) prior to March 1st for normal scheduling into the fall semester.There are other requirements detailed on the college’s website, and new students are encouraged to join the campuses unique Student Nurses’ Association to take advantage of peer interaction and chances to expand your leadership roles.

Whatever your nursing educational needs may require, Wyoming has a program designed to help you achieve your healthcare career goals.