Top 50 Nursing Blogs

Nursing can be a challenging profession, particularly for ER and intensive-care wards. These nurses show us how they cope with the day-to-day grind, one part good humor, one part compassion, and one part stubborn determination. The listed blogs share resources, tips, heart warming and heart rending stories, and a little bit of their personal lives. For other medical professionals and potential patients alike, these blogs make for great reads.

WWII Nurses by John Atherton


  1. Head Nurse is a refreshing and straightforward take on life in hospital and beyond. Posts range from snarky to heartwarming, sometimes all at once. Definitely a worthy read.  Highlight:Why I love my job, part umpty-umpty-ump 
  2. In Code Blog, Gina shares with us stories she encounters in her life as a nurse of 15 years. Recently, she’s begun work as a hospice care nurse. Her gentle spirit and warm heart comes across strongly in her writing. Highlight: A Day In The Life 
  3. The Underside of Nursing is a unique blog that presents the life of one nurse in rhyme. Some are playful commentary on patient care; others look to the world beyond. Highlight: The Gig Looked So Good
  4.  Trauma Queen is written by a gay British nurse who is quite talented with his pen. He writes to us in rhyme and well-formed prose about life in and out of the hospital. Highlight: “You’ve seen some things…” 
  5. RehabRN is a mix of the personal and professional, written with tongue firmly in cheek. Highlight: Not passive but definitely aggressive 
  6. The Mountains are Calling is a combination of delightful snark, meme, YouTube clips, and ER insanity written from a (kinda still new) nurse. Highlight: I’m standing here in pieces and you’re having delusions of grandeur! 
  7. AZ Mom in Nursing School is an inspirational blog follows the progress of a mother of two going through nursing school and getting herself fit and healthy. Highlight: Is it meant to be
  8. ER Nurses Care reveals a love of well-made infographics by its author, as well as her deep compassion  and commitment to effect change on the ills of the world. Highlight: Flu Season: Common Sense People!
  9. Shauna’s Life in Pain is an incredibly powerful tool for patients and other nurses learning to handle conditions with chronic pain. Shauna is a nurse who has herself suffered chronic pain for most of her life. Lots of personal stories and insights on pain management. Highlight: Help stop misinformation about chronic pain
  10. Blissful Entropy is the personal blog of Erica, an ER nurse who shares with us a glimpse of life outside of the emergency room. Lots of love, energy, and a bit of professional venting to be found here. Highlight: What the Triage Nurse is Really Thinking
  11. The Days When I’m Not a Nurse  is the home of upbeat, colorful home of Anna (the nurse) and her husband Mo (a little bit of everything). Giveaways, glimpses of daily life, and nursing advice are shared here. Highlight: The Things Patients Say
  12. My Strong Medicine is the personal blog of one male nurse learning to become an Acute Care NP. He writes about life, fitness, and nursing with YouTube videos peppered in for punctuation. Highlight: Getting hired
  13. Order & Chaos is the personal blog of Moi, who is currently writing about her recovery from injuries sustained in an auto accident. She shares a lot of great insight useful to other patients and medical professionals alike. Highlight: This is not a bucket item list
  14. Bahala Na Nurse Blog is written from the perspective of an overseas nurse practicing in the Philippines. She shares her understanding of Filipino culture and nursing philosophy. Highlight: Remember the Time… 

Navy medical officer examines baby during graduate program training. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Joseph A. Boomhower)

OB/GYN & Midwifery
  1. At Your Cervix is a playful and informative blog written by a labor and delivery nurse turned student nurse-midwife. Recent posts have been focused on her journey to become a midwife, with snippets of life and helpful information along the way. Highlight:Mother-Baby Friendly Status 
  2. The Life and Times of a Labor and Delivery Nurse contains a delightful mix of personal and professional stories, heavily laced with pictures to deliver a playful and informative blog. Highlight:What am I Doing? 
  3. Birth Place is a blog written by a Montana-based midwife who shares birth stories, information about breast feeding, the politics surrounding midwifery and homebirths, and more. Highlight:Benjamin’s Birth/Sara’s Story
  4. Bloody Show is a refreshing blog written from a queer, pagan, direct-entry midwife who cares about equality and providing genuine care to all stripes of people. This blog is a fascinating read. Highlight:Dyke 
  5. Adventures of an L&D Nurse is the blogging home of Kendra, a recent graduate and brand-spankin’ new  RN honing her craft as an L&D Nurse. She focuses mostly on her journey as a student and nurse. Highlight: My NCLEX Chronicles
  6. Village Midwife is written by an Australian midwife who has been practicing since the mid-70s. She shares her view of the world of childbirth, resources, politics, and more. Highlight: I wonder if he reflected on what he said?
Stethoscope by Jasleen Kaur

Stethoscope by Jasleen Kaur


  1. The American Journal of Nursing supports AJN Off the Charts, written by a collection of experienced nurses. Informative articles, thoughtful storytelling, and helpful advice can all be found here. Highlight: Fear of Violence: A Poor Rationale for Better Mental Health Care 
  2. Digital Doorway is written by Nurse Keith, who writes mostly about nursing, coaching other nurses, the healthcare system at large, and a wee bit of the personal. His dedication to his career and clear passion for helping other nurses lead fulfilling lives is apparent in his writing. Highlight: A Soft Landing for New Nurses 
  3. The Nursing Site Blog is written by long time nurse Kathy Quan and is full of valuable insight and helpful information. Rather than a retelling of personal experiences, Quan and her contributors focus on constructive and educational posts. Highlight: How will the Results of the Presidential Election Affect Workers in the Allied Health Fields? 
  4. Johns Hopkins University Nursing Blog shares information targeted to their student nurses, but informative articles appear alongside quarter break announcements. Highlight: What I didn’t learn in nursing school
  5. Nurse Barb gives straight talk on a whole range of medical topics. She answers questions, does interviews, and shares health information. There is something for everyone here. Highlight: Hero: De Anza Nursing Student
  6. The Nerdy Nurse is a well designed blog focused on providing tons of useful information for working nurses, including product reviews, educational articles, and more. As the name implies, there is also a focus on technology. Highlight: AfterShokz: Bone Condution Headphones are Healthy for your Ears 
  7. ANS: Advances in Nursing Science Blog focuses on new theories, practices, and technological advancements that improve nursing ability. Collaboratively written and regularly updated. Highlight: The “C”s of Scholarship 
  8. Nurse Anesthetist is focused on news and information relevant to anesthesia. It includes clinical documents and a useful library. Highlight: “Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health” The IOC Report
  9. Nursing and Respiratory Care is a resource-oriented blog that frequently posts useful articles targetted to potential and current nursing student and nursing professionals. Highlight: Some Truths that You Need to Remember as a Nursing Professional
  10. Nurse Power is a blog focused on bringing thought-provoking and engaging articles to other nursing professionals. Regularly updated by Nurse Donna, who also publishes books and media. Highlight: Are we jeopardizing healthcare’s future by not hiring new grads today?
Patriotic nurses for South Africa - 1899 by State Library of South Australia

Patriotic nurses for South Africa – 1899 (by State Library of South Australia)

Nurse Practitioners
  1. High Plains Practitioner is written by an Air Force practitioner formerly stationed in Afghanistan. The topics are primarily focused on personal reflection.  Highlight:  101 Days of Summer Come to an End
  2. The NP Mom, Brett, shares with us information on a wide variety of health issues, practical matters relating to health care practice, healthy living, and more. Highlight: The Flu and You: Fact vs. Fiction
  3. Nurse Practitioner Business Owner Blog is written to support NPs going into business on their own. It includes resources, business tips, interviews with successful NPs, and much more. Highlight: Patience
  4. NP Worldview is a fascinating blog written by a Nurse Practitioner on hire by the US State Department. Her job takes her all over the world and grants her a unique perspective on the state of healthcare at home and abroad.  Hightlight: Where’s the billing department?
Czech nursing students in 2006. Photo by Vlastimil on Flickr.

Czech nursing students in 2006. Photo by Vlastimil on Flickr.


  1. Oakland Nursing is a collaborative blog written by and for the student nurses and instructors of the Oakland Nursing School. Good insight into surviving and thriving in nursing school alongside practical information. Highlight: Pregnant and in Nursing School … are you crazy?! 
  2. The Makings of a Nurse offers book and product reviews, giveaways, and personal insight on life as a student nurse and working nurse.  Well written, well organized, and well worth the read. Highlight: Control
  3. Did I Really Sign Up For This chronicles the journey of a wife and mother on her way through nursing school. Straight talk about all the glories and frustrations along the way. Highlight: 1 year down
  4. Student Nurse Lisa is an Aussie nursing student who writes mostly about the experience of university and the path to becoming a nurse. Highlight: Life a Life You’re Proud Of
  5. The Mindful [Student] Midwife is the story of one woman’s journey to be a full-time baby catcher. She writes very thoughtful posts about her own experiences, her family history, and the experience of midwifery. Highlight: Balance 

Girl contemplating books by Walt Stoneburner

School Nurses

  1. Tales of a School Zoned Nurse is written in a straight forward style. A combination of the heartwarming, dismaying, and amusing, this school nurse does an excellent job of portraying her role managing the health of a horde of teens. Highlight: Say What? 
  2. Diary of a School Nurse is a collection of fun posts, personal insights, poetry, and stories from nursing in a school setting. Highlight: I am a student with drug addition… I Am Poem 
  3. Provo School Nurses is built to support the Provo District nurses, staff, and families but has excellent information for any school nurse or parents with school-aged children. Highlight: Epipen & Twinject Injectors 
Service members from the U.S. Navy and Australian army help lift a Filipino women onto a bed in the intensive care unit.

U.S. Navy photo by Kristopher Radder

ER & Intensive Care

  1. Madness: Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse is written from the perspective of an inner city ER nurse with sense of humor intact, this blog covers all the insanity and delights that walk, roll, or stumble through the doors. Highlight: Assholes and bullies 
  2. As with many ER nurses, Regina survives the antics of her patients with a strong sense of humor and, to our benefit, releases it on her blog, EDNurseasauras. After 36 years as an ER nurse, she has some stories to share. Highlight: No Medals for Poor Performance 
  3. Not Nurse Ratched is a brutally honest blog about the life and times of one night shift ER nurse. Topics range from the trials and tribulations of ER patients and coworkers to body modification and Apple geekery. Lots to love. Highlight: Gratitude: lessons from patients 
  4. Another well-written, snark-laden blog from an ER nurse, Adventures of Hood Nurse is based on the experience of one 20-something emerging from a ghetto hospital into a mostly greener pastures. Highlight: Oh, Your Day Will Come
  5. Impacted Nurse is written by an Aussie, Ian Miller, with 23 years of experience in the ER. He writes a little bit about his experience, as well as providing useful info for nurses, and commenting on interesting articles. Highlight: Night shift nurses. Strength, but in a silo?  
  6. On Call RN follows the life of Andrea Heggem, an ICU nurse who writes about her marriage, her surroundings, and her life in the hospital. Lots of beautiful pictures and genuine stories. Highlight: Hannah 
  7. Dana of Adventures of a PICU Nurse Practitioner shares her life and experiences in the hospital with us, excellent advice, heart-rending accounts of patients, and inspiring tales of triumph. Highlight: On the PICU and Dying
  8. Nurse Nightmare on Trauma Drama Street is the account of another ER nurse with a dark sense of humor. Patient accounts (changed to protect the innocent, as always), life, zombies, and more. Highlight: Would you like a menu?