Top 30 Firefighting Blogs

If the blogs on this list are any indication, firefighters have a strong inclination to boost their brothers and sisters up. Most of these blogs features advice, drills, and other posts focused on teaching and sharing new skills or ideas with their fellows. News coverage on fires is another hot topic on firefighting blogs. While most of these are written with other firefighters and rescue professionals in mind, some are focused on educating the general public fire safety and related information.

Fireman by Christophe Maximin

Fireman by Christophe Maximin

News and Commentary

  1. Backstep Firefighter is focused on bringing timely stories about fires, including media footage and helmet cam video alongside the occasional firehouse chatter. Highlight: The Firehouse Kitchen: AKA In House Training Academy
  2. Fire Geezer shares fire news and local politics on this regularly updated blog collaboratively written by two long-time fire and rescue professionals with eight decades of collective experience under their belts. Highlight: No Such Thing as Indoor Tracers
  3. Firefighter Blog provides product and book reviews, fire news focused on large wildlife fires, and commentary about wild land fires. It’s written by a retired fire captain with three decades under his belt. Highlight: Where will the next big fire in California Strike?
  4. Command Safety mostly keeps us up-to-date on the heroes of fire service, fallen and still kickin’, along with news on products and strategies that can improve fire safety. Highlight: Memorial Dedicated to 6 Boston Firefighters
  5. Fire Critic mostly focuses on news from the trenches, with occasional blunt commentary thrown in for good measure. Aside from the typical media coverage and fire updates, it occasionally delves into other fire-related topics. Like a very popular review of one Fire Chief’s televised moonshine success. Highlight: Fire Chief Tim Smith Stars in Show about Moonshiners
  6. Raising Ladders follows the trending news with insightful commentary, while also providing product reviews and general information all with a personalized touch. Highlight: OMG 911 PLZ H3LP MEEEEE LOL
  7. STATer 911 is full of raw footage of fire events along with stories affecting firefighters. This is pretty straightforward stuff with limited commentary in each post. Highlight: Raw Video: House Fire in Bangor, N.Y.
  8. The Company Officer provides excellent discussion on firefighting philosophy and tactics as well as relevant news happening in the firefighting world. They also post remembrances for fallen firefighters. Highlight: Chicago Fire Captain Remembered
  9. 1075 is an excellent blog which covers fire events local to the NY area, product reviews, firefighting tradition, and the occasional giveaway. Highlight: It’s Time We Accepted Social Media
  10. Model City Firefighter gives us interviews, product reviews, and lots of discussion on a range of fire-related topics. Fitness, philosophy, politics, training advice, and much more are covered here. Highlight: Teamwork

Training and Resources

  1. Vent, Enter, Search is focused on providing information about aggressive truck company functions to the firefighting community. They share ideas and skills, teach classes, and share news and success stories. Highlight: Force Bag
  2. Firefighter Basics is a collaboratively written blog that shares stories from the trenches, traditions, fire safety information, drills, and other resources to help firefighters improve their skills.  Highlight: Unexpected Haz Mats
  3. A Firefighter’s Own Worst Enemy is primarily focused on providing training resources to other firefighters. It includes drills, tactics, as well as book and product reviews. Highlight: Command and Size Up “Memory Joggers”
  4. Fire House Chefs is dedicated to providing every fire company with the top-notch recipes. Many of the recipes come with a bit of tradition or personal story. In addition to fine cooking, they dish up news and health information for firemen. Highlight: Suey’s Beanery December 2012
  5. Fire Law is a well-respected blog that focuses on exactly what its title suggests – the law as it pertains to firefighters. Regular updates follow ongoing legal battles, theory, and legal advice. A worthy read. Highlight: Cyberbullying – The Ugly Side of Social Media
  6. Safe Fire Fighter is focused on providing training tactics and philosophy to firefighters. The posts are well-written and offer some interesting comparisons for illustrative effect. Highlight: The Fireground is Like Loading a Dishwasher
  7. Fire Safety For All is focused more on the general populace than firefighters. Its purpose is to educate people on how to prevent fires from occurring and how to respond before and after tragedy strikes. Highlight: Top Fire Safety Tips for Babysitters
  8. First Duet Tackle brings us lots of helpful information and practical advice to improve firefighting practices and skills. This includes case studies, drills, thoughtful advice, and more. Highlight: The Station Nightclub Fire Р10 Years Later and Still Learning 
Hot Dog, the NYC Fire Safety Mascot with K-9 Sadie by State Farm

Hot Dog, the NYC Fire Safety Mascot with K-9 Sadie by State Farm

Community Hubs and News Centers

  1. FireEMS Blogs is a service that provides a centralized collection of blogs written for and by fire and rescue professionals. They keep you up-to-date on hot posts, bloggers, and discussions as well as provide organized lists of active blogs. This is a great resource for keeping up with what’s new in the fire blogosphere. Highlight: Enhanced BLS But at What Cost?
  2. Firefighter Nation is an e-zine providing timely news about fires across the nation and training resources while developing an online community through hosted blogs and discussion boards. Highlight:NIST/ISFSI Live Burn Study on Safer Tactics
  3. Firehouse is essentially a blogging collective hosting a number of excellent fire bloggers who share everything from personal stories to training tips and much more. In addition to blogging, they feature news stories, web and podcasts, and training drills. Highlight: Burying One of Our Own
  4. SC on Fire is a news site focused on the South Carolina area. It regularly updates with fire incidences and fire-company related news, including video and commentary. Highlight:  Willison Squad Fined 800k for Fake Claims
Fighting Fires by The National Guard

Fighting Fires by The National Guard


  1. Average Jake Fighterfighter Blog brings us insightful commentary on news and videos popping up in the fire world, along with excellent advice and monthly drills, and the occasional story of personal triumph or frontline drama on his blog. Highlight: I’m a Marathoner
  2. Fire Daily proudly proclaims itself to be by firefighters, for firefighters. It features lots of video commentary along with firehouse chatter ranging from the humorous to the thought-provoking. Highlight: Got a bad attitude? Do us all a favor and call in sick.
  3. Fire House Zen is a well-respected blog that focuses on insightful commentary on fire leadership and change. This blog is attentive to what is going on in the fire and emergency blogosphere and often provides well-thought responses to trending topics. Highlight: What You Want Vs. What You Need
  4. Iron Firemen is a blog that runs the gamut of topics, though the author mostly stays focused on topics pertaining to fire service, each post is written with a heavy dose of personal interpretation. Tone ranges from playful to deadly serious. Highlight: Climbing Out…
  5. Tiger Schmittendorf shares information that can help a fire company in their recruitment campaigns as well as strengthen internal ties while sharing personal memories from his years in service. Highlight: My Friend, My Brother, Denny Allen
  6. Turn Out Blog is a mix of a little of everything, with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor woven through much of the commentary. While the topics mostly focus on fire and rescue, they are much more diverse than most of the other blogs on this list. Highlight: London Fire Brigade: Boris Knows Best
  7. Run to the Curb is a collection of personal stories about and by firefighters. Not just from the trenches, these tales cover inspiration, heroism, tragedy, and more. Highlight: Three Decades and One New Sidewalk
  8. Hooligans and Halligans is focused on the goings-on in the author’s local firehouse as well as straight-forward response to fire news and trends. Highlight: Old Habits Die Hard