Nursing Programs in South Carolina

Nurses and nursing students in South Carolina are privileged to have many advantages that nurses in other states don’t have, which is just one reason why South Carolina is an excellent state in which to pursue a career in nursing.

The Student Nurses Association of South Carolina, for example, is an organization that collects information on awards and scholarships for South Carolina nurses, making it easier for these students to attend school without going into debt. In addition to outside scholarships, many South Carolina employers might offer some kind of tuition reimbursement.

Transition Programs and Placement Assistance

Several technical colleges spread throughout the state of South Carolina offer nursing programs of some kind, many of which are geared toward leading LPNs down the path toward having an ADN or BSN. These programs often offer advanced placement testing to help students save money on unnecessary classes, as well as flexible hybrid curricula involving both online and in-person learning. South Carolina State University is also a school that offers an excellent LPN-to-BSN program.

Graduate Nursing Programs in South Carolina

An MSN is truly the best way for a nurse or nursing to ensure themselves a fulfilling, long-lasting, stable career. Many advanced nursing fields are projected to do nothing but grow in the next few years, especially as our population gets older and other nurses start to retire.

Some standout schools in South Carolina — among several that offer excellent programs — are University of South Carolina, which offers a variety of nursing graduate tracks that few schools can rival, and Clemson, which offers a gerontological nursing diploma that’s sure to come in handy with the state’s elderly population.

South Carolina Job Outlook for Nurses

South Carolina’s unemployment rate is still at recession-like highs, but the nursing sector shows some strong signs of resilience. The good news is that nursing jobs are at least as well represented in South Carolina, proportionally, as they are in other states, according to the BLS.

One extremely positive aspect of South Carolina’s job outlook is the prospects that it offers to nurse anesthetists. This advanced degree is only available to those who’ve put in their hours and really earned it, but the payoffs are great, especially in South Carolina.

This state offers higher than average income for nurse anesthetists compared to the rest of the country, yet has a lower cost of living than many other areas. Nurse anesthetist jobs are also more widely available than they are in many other areas, as indicated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics assigning the state a high location quotient of 1.28 for nurse anesthetists.

In fact, although it’s harder to gain employment in South Carolina, the jobs that are available are extremely lucrative compared to the state’s cost of living.

Income and Employment Data for Nursing-Related Fields in South Carolina

Data from BLS 2012 10th Percentile 50th Percentile 90th Percentile
Nursing Instructors and Teachers
Employment: 980
LQ: 1.26
$41,650 $65,760 $88,110
Registered Nurses
Employment: 41,870
LQ: 1.15
$40,150 $57,730 $75,960
Nurse Anesthetists
Employment: 610
LQ: 1.28
$82,340 $157,720 – *
Nurse Practitioners
Employment: 1,250
LQ: 0.86
$61,710 $86,130 $117,380
Employment: 9,540
LQ: 0.96
$28,600 $39,180 $48,690
Nursing Assistants
Employment: 18,320
LQ: 0,94
$16,610 $21,380 $28,620

* Double dashes (–) indicate data not available.