Online LPN to RN

Open The Door To The Future With Online LPN to RN Program

For those who have just become licensed practicing nurses, or LPNs, it may be an exciting time. However, as they begin to look at their job prospects they may find that the career outlook is not as great as they had hoped. It is true that there are many job opportunities available to LPNs but the prospects of career advancement are rather slim without further accreditation. Fortunately, online LPN to RN programs have been created for the sole purpose of helping LPNs to earn a Registered Nursing Degree while still being able to gain practical experience by working in the nursing field.

How Does It Work

Online LPN to RN programs are designed specifically for those who are currently employed as licensed practicing nurses to become registered nurses within, on average, a year of schooling. By giving the student credit for the courses already completed, as well as the practical experience earned in the workforce, the educational process is streamlined. This saves the student both time and money.

Once registered at an accredited school offering this program, the student can take the courses needed at a time and place that is convenient for them. There is no unnecessary travel time and the student is free to continue their current work schedule. These programs are also ideal for those who are already juggling work and family responsibilities.

Another distinct advantage to these online programs is that even the clinical skills classes can be done close to home. Once a student has reached a level where they are ready to begin their clinical courses it is most often possible for them to be completed at a healthcare facility close to home. The school will set up an adviser for the student to work under and then this adviser will report back to the instructor. Not only does this reduce the need to take time off from their current job, but it also opens the door for possible future employment at that facility.

How To Get Started

Obviously, the first step in the process is for the individual to become a licensed practical nurse. Once that has been accomplished it is time for them to begin seeking employment. They should keep two things in mind when looking for work. The first is that many of the online LPN to RN programs require students to have had a period of practical experience before they can be accepted to the program. Make sure the positions being considered are all at places that would fit that bill. Secondly, it should be remembered that many healthcare facilities will help to pay for their nurses to further their education. Any LPN that is considering moving up the educational ladder should ask potential employers if they do so and that should be a factor in the decision as to whether to accept the job or not.

Once a position in the nursing field has been established it is time to begin the search for the right online LPN to RN program. There are a great many available but not all of the schools offering them are equal. It is important to make sure that any being considered offer their students a full support system to help them meet their goals. This should include not only tutoring and extra help if needed but also career counseling and test preparation. Also check to be sure that the schools being considered are fully accredited and respected by the healthcare industry. As with anything, there are plenty of disreputable people out there that are more than happy to take a person’s hard earned money and leave them with little or nothing to show for it.

Onward And Upward

Once a the right school has been chosen there is little left to do except begin the educational process. Because the online LPN to RN programs have been designed specifically for those who are already working, they have made it easy for the students to complete most if not all of their their required work on their own schedule. If they apply themselves the students may be able to begin reaping the benefits in a little over a year. Once the academic and clinical courses have been completed the student must pass the National Licensing Exam and meet any further requirements set by the state they reside or work in, but that’s it. As sson as they graduate they are ready to move on to the next stage of their career. One with many different options to choose from and almost unlimited potential for advancement.

It is a difficult thing to decide to return to the academic world after finally being able to earn a paycheck in a chosen career. However, an online LPN to RN program makes it possible for the individual to further their education and their career without having to decide to give up their current position. It may prove to be the ideal way for those who are interested in a career in nursing to balance their need for income with their need to improve their future.