Online DNP/PhD in Nursing

The online DNP/PhD in Nursing is appropriate for students who want to obtain a combination of research and clinical programs. Students who are qualified can focus on clinical research for their PhD programs and clinical specialties in the DNP programs. These two programs are unique from each other when it comes to the curricula, objectives and results. The PhD programs focus more on research while the DNP programs are more on practice programs. The intention of combining DNP and PHD is to minimize the time spent in accomplishing the two degrees. Aside from this, it can also help in enhancing scientific knowledge. Students who are taking the DNP/PhD program will focus more on developing clinical research during the first three semesters and the last three semesters. In order to be admitted in the DNP/PhD program, the student must be considered for a DNP program

Benefits of Having Online DNP/PhD in Nursing

The key benefit of having both DNP and PhD programs is the combination of research and clinical programs. This can allow students to put more focus on practice as well as research. After graduation, these students are expected to excel not only in clinical researches but also in healthcare administration. If you are interested in obtaining DNP and PhD programs then you can enroll online. You may find that the course outlines that are offered online are the same with those which are offered on campuses. Most people choose to pursue it online due to the tremendous benefits. Students find it more flexible since they can have the chance to continue with their nursing career. They can interact with their faculties and fellow students effectively using the internet.

Comparing DNP and PhD Programs

If you have some trouble in deciding whether you want to have a DNP program or a PhD program then you can make a comparison. The DNP program is more on practice while the PhD is more on research. Those who graduated from PhD programs can conduct their own researches and publish their findings. On the other hand, those who graduated from the DNP programs will assess the evidences gathered by the research and evaluate them. If necessary, they can make changes to the quality of care.

Due to the increase in demand for health care, the American Association of College of Nursing changed the educational requirement for advanced practice nursing which is the doctoral degree which is now known as the DNP or the doctor of nursing practice. The doctoral degree puts more focus on clinical research rather than the traditional research which is obtained from PhD programs. There are some students who are having a hard time choosing which one is the best for them. If you are not an advanced nurse practitioner then the best option that you can have is the DNP option which is the clinical doctorate. If you are planning to become the future leader in the healthcare system then you can join the DNP program. DNP can provide opportunities to nurses who want to practice the research. There are some nurses who do not have sufficient information about the DNP program that is why they choose the PhD program.

Different nurses have different reasons why they choose to have the PhD program over the DNP program. One student says that she has no knowledge about the DNP program and she always wanted to have a PhD. Aside from this, when the time that she went back to school there are only a few schools which are offering DNP programs. There are also some nurses who are choosing PhD programs because they are widely recognized. They also find it more credible. The PHD program can enhance your research skills but this does not mean that you cannot practice nursing anymore.

What Is the Relationship between DNP and PhD?

Some people are wondering if the emergence of DNP can mean that traditional nursing or PhD is no longer needed. Actually, according to the AACN, the DNP program is not a replacement for the PhD program. It only proves that health care is full of complexities. AACN recommends that DNP should be the program chosen by nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, nurse anesthetists and other clinical nurse specialists. In 2015, APNs will be required to have a degree in DNP. The PhD nurses will be the one who will do the researches and distribute their findings. The DNP nurses are going to use and evaluate the findings. This is why; both of these degrees are working together for the improvement of the patients. It is expected that more students will be attracted in both degrees whether its research or clinical practice.

Some people are concerned about the confusion of this additional degree. The doctor of nursing or ND can be confused with the degree doctor of naturopathy. In order to eliminate the confusion, the AACN suggests that the ND designation should be phased out and replaced with the DNP title. The American Academy of Family Physicians are also expressing that doctors from the primary care will be replaced with people who have inadequate training. This confusion also exists in the Affordable Care Act.