Nursing Programs in Idaho

Idaho enjoys a stark and otherworldly terrain that lures tourists and outdoor adventurers in from all over the country to experience the vitality and diversity of its rugged buttes and valleys. Nevertheless, the state faces some unique challenges particular to its partially barren landscape, northern climate, and extensive rural population.

In the healthcare profession, Idaho nurses must be willing to deal with travel challenges, agricultural hurdles and health problems, and long distances. The state is in a one-of-a-kind position in regards to its ability to hire many new employees even in the wake of the country’s financial low. While the esteemed members of the Idaho Hospital Association are recruiting additional nurses, take advantage of the situation and extend your services as a caregiver to a rural clinic or long-term treatment facility within the state.

Nursing Outlook in Idaho

Like many states, Idaho could do with a few hundred extra nursing faculty as their twelve nursing school programs are sorely lacking qualified and capable instructors. However, Idaho seems to have largely escaped the nursing shortage crisis that the remainder of the country is suffering from. While this factor is great for the state’s well being, it is not such good news to those who are wishing to take up a nursing career in Idaho. Of course, when the current cohort of nurses retires, there will be room for another few thousand to take their place, though this event may not take place for some time as workers retire later and later in life.

The other important fact, though, is that Idaho added more jobs in the healthcare field during the recent recession than any other state. This means that even though there is not a major shortage of nurses in the state, many are still being hired as more and more employment opportunities are made available. In fact, nurses are on the top ten list of professionals in demand within the state, making the situation for newcomers to the Idaho healthcare scene very promising. The 11,500 registered nurses can expect to make nearly $60,000 a year, with the 3000 LPNs earning almost $40,000.

Jobs and Licensing for Idaho Nurses

Because the population of Idaho is significantly older, on average, than the national age and because so many citizens will be over 55 in the next few years, many more RNs are needed to support them. There is a variety of top-notch degree programs for the next generation of nurses to choose from, including those of North Idaho College, Boise State University, and Brigham Young University.

Nurses seeking to network with their fellow medical coworkers, find and encourage advocacy programs, and connect with the legislative bodies that influence their careers will discover that the Idaho Nurses Association is a central hub for professionals like themselves.

The Idaho Board of Nursing presides over all things related to professional licensure within the state. Through the Board, nurses who have received a diploma or degree from one of the fifteen accredited nursing schools can take their NCLEX examination, acquire and renew their license, or even transfer it in from another state. The Board distributes licensing both by endorsement or reinstatement and by examination.

Idaho belongs to the Nurse Licensure Compact, a multi-state contract that permits those who hold a nursing license in one of 24 additional states to have it be recognized and validated within Idaho. This standardization practice is a great advantage, especially to nurses who have relocated to Idaho or plan on moving and working in another state further on in their career.

Average Salaries for Nurses in Idaho

Data from BLS 2012 10th Percentile 50th Percentile 90th Percentile
Registered Nurses $42,370.00 $58,260.00 $76,590.00
Licensed Practical Nurses $30,930.00 $37,490.00 $47,630.00

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