30 Top Paramedics Blogs

Ambulance by William Mewes

Ambulance by William Mewes

The blogs on this list share a little bit of everything – handy resources meant for other paramedics, on-the-job insight, health information for the general populace, detailed stories about their experiences, and more. Some interweave personal hobbies and lives into accounts from work. While most are from the United States, there is global representation from places as far flung as South Africa and Australia.

Personal Blogs

1.Ambulance Driver Files is a little bit political commentary, a little bit dark humor, and a little insight into the daily grind of an EMT driver.
Highlight: On EMS Treatment Protocols

2. Burned Out Medic finds solace in dark humor and illuminating the rest of us about his daily experience.
Highlight: DNR 104 

3. Life Under the Lights is a frank blog chronicling the adventures and insights of one active paramedic.
Highlight: Routinely Not Routine: Good EMS Make the Difference 

4.  Blogger, paramedic, and software engineer, My Variables Only Have 6 Letters provides well-researched (citations and graphs included) posts where medicine and technology collide.
Highlight: Pediatric Intranasal Fentanyl 

5. Paramedic Marathoner has found a lot of personal success running marathons and shares his experiences to encourage and inform others.
Highlight: Moonlight Miles 10k Recap

6. News, personal insight, and more can be found at Rescue Monkey, including some well researched and thought out discussions on trending issues in the paramedic world.
Highlight: Difference of Opinion 

7. Street Watch: Notes of a Paramedic is full of useful information, alongside the occasional personal insight.
Highlight: Risk Assessment 

8. Lonely EMT is the personal blog of one rural paramedic. A pinch of useful information and a dash of personal connection provides a great read.
Highlight: Connection/Separation

9. Liberal Artist in the Ambulance is the personal blog of Katie, a psychologist and paramedic. She writes about her dual professions and her life.
Highlight: Examination of Conscience

10. A Work in Progress covers a little bit of everything in the life of Ellie, an experienced paramedic. Remarkable also for its longevity; 8 years old and still going strong is impressive for a personal blog.
Highlight: Faith in Humanity

11. The Happy Medic shares stories from the perspective of fire, paramedic, and other rescue services. Occasionally, it dives into territory wholly unrelated. A strong sense of humor is evident throughout.
Highlight: How Far Would You Go To Win Against Cancer

12. Too Old to Work, Too Young to Retire is the personal blog of one paramedic who writes about politics, guns, emergency care, and more.’
Highlight: The Golden Hour 

We Got This by GinTheEMT

We Got This by GinTheEMT

Local Blogs

13. California-based Firefighter/Paramedic Stories is a collaborative blog with pictures and stories from the front-lines of emergency care.
Highlight: Creation of a Paramedic 

14. Rescuing Providence covers stories of importance to firefighters and paramedics based in the Providence, Rhode Island area.
Highlight: The Mother (A Love Story) 

15. Salty Medic is a Seattleite paramedic who blogs about her experiences and discusses the challenges faced in her profession.
Highlight: Develop Your Professionality, A Treatment for Boredom and Burnout

Global Blogs

16. Siren Voices is a personal paramedic blog straight from the UK. Here you will find fictionalized accounts from the front lines of emergency medical care.
Highlight: Two Drinks 

17. Confessions of a Street Pharmacist is a little politics, a little scuba-diving, and a little storytelling from a former fire medic turned instructor.
Highlight: Scene safety?

18. Ontario Medic is an active blog from a Canadian paramedic. Tips, trends, and stories from the trench are all found here.
Highlight: Surviving Nights

19. The Paramedic’s Diary is an accounting of life as a London-based paramedic in diary form, with interesting diversions about gassy booze and local politics thrown in for good measure.

Highlight: Shopping Trip

20. TraumaQueen is written by a paramedic located in Edinburgh. Gay and forthright, he discusses his life in the ambulance and beyond.
Highlight: Christmas Day

21. My ER 24 Blog is a South African blog designed to share information with the media and general populace about the on-going work of the local emergency and rescue teams.
Highlight: Man Falls off Back of Dump Truck is in Critical Condition 

22. Insomnia Medic is the personal blog of paramedic who mostly focuses on stories and insights gained from work.
Highlight: Rules for EMS 

23. Life in the Fast Lane is an Australian and New Zealand focused blog meant to discuss emergency medical care for patients and professionals alike.
Highlight: SMACC after SMACC after SMACC 

Resource Blogs

24. Fit Responder focuses on ways paramedics and other emergency response personnel can keep themselves in strong, healthy shape inside and out through fitness and injury prevention.

Highlight: Exercise and Cancer 

25. EMS 12-Lead is a collaborative blog written from several highly experienced paramedics containing tons of case studies designed to help EMTs improve their knowledge base.
Highlight: 12 year old male CC: Palpitations

26. Droid Medic is a blog that keeps you up to date on all the latest accessories and apps for Androids of use to paramedics and other rescue personnel.
Highlight: EMS Supply Usage 

27. EDU Medic Blog is designed to be a resource for paramedics. It includes product and book reviews, helpful articles, and more.
Highlight: EMS Book Review: Paramedic to the Prince 

28. Every Day EMS Tips is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – useful tips for EMS personnel. You may also encounter product reviews, interviews and profiles of interesting EMS folks, and a smattering of other tidbits.
Highlight: More Driving Lessons Unlearned 

29. Paramedic Blog is a well-designed site containing pictures and stories from the frontline of emergency care.
Highlight: Sudden Death Punch, Decorticate Posturing, Agonal Breathing 

30. Written from a long-time paramedic (in the business since 1978) and paramedic instructor, Paramedic Blog is focused on information useful to other paramedics, with product reviews and helpful information on the state of the industry.

Highlight: Impedance Threshold Device 


Best Online BSN Programs

The Online Bachelor of Science Nursing Program is one of the best decisions an RSN can make for her career, and one of the best degrees for those interested in furthering their knowledge and skill set.

At Nursing Degree.org we set out to rank the top online BSN programs for 2013. Our rankings formula is a combination of program thoroughness, availability, student satisfaction, accreditation, program cost and more. Below are our top 10 choices for the 2013-2014 rankings.

1. University of Kansas Online

University of Kansas RN BSN

The University of Kansas has a well structured online BSN program that offers students the flexibility of an online education, at the low cost of a state University. This mean that per credit hour, the education is significantly cheaper than it would be through a private college or university. It is a 64 hour RN/BSN program, designed to be completed in one year by a full time student. There are no courses with an on campus component, so it can truly be accomplished from anywhere. You must have successfully completed 62 hours of general coursework through the University of Kansas or another accredited college or university before you can be accepted to the RN/BSN program.

2. Sacred Heart University Online

Sacred Heart University

The Sacred Heart University is a Catholic educational establishment which has long been respected for the medical education it provides. It now offers a CCNE accredited nursing program, which can be completed through online coursework. The 123 credit hour program focuses not only on nursing skills, but also on medical leadership, management, and other administration skills.

3. University of Illinois at Chicago

Like the University of Kansas, the University of Illinois at Chicago gives students all the benefits of a public university, in an online setting. The RN/BSN program is 30 credit hours, which can be accomplish simultaneous to, or after, 57 core educational components have been met. It is set up so that students can complete the course of study in as little as 16 months, without ever setting foot on campus. All practicums will be organized through a student’s local medical facilities, so the program can be completed from absolutely anywhere.

4. Western Governors University

Western Governors University’s online BSN program is designed for those who already have an associates of nursing, and wish to further their training in order to increase their employability and on-the-job value. It is a competency based program which focuses on integration of technology, leadership, and patient safety, policies and procedures. Western Governors University is different than many of the colleges on the list because it is solely an online educational entity. the college specializes in the helping students get funding for their education, so that students can afford to get their BSN on any budget.

5.Drexel Online University

Drexel has won a number of awards for its online BSN program. Students must complete 180 quarter hours, with 133 general electives, and 57 required medical skills hours. The program is self-paced, allowing students to complete the course work in a little as 12 months, or as long as 5 years. The program is NLNAC accredited, and allows students to set up their clinical experience with the local medical practice of their choice.

6. Liberty University

Liberty is the largest Christian University in the world, and has a very large online educational program. It offers an RN/ BSN course of study that is well respected, but which comes from a very strictly religious world view. The course of study is designed to take two years to complete, and is both SACS-COC and CCNE accredited.

7.Indiana State University

Indiana State University, based in Terre Haute, Indiana was ranked as the top online nursing program in the U.S. News and World Report. The program is open to those who are already licensed as LPNs who wish to complete a BSN so that they are qualified for more demanding positions. The program is structured so that students can either enroll full time or half time in order to accomplish the program goals. It is the only complete LPN to BSN online program in the nation.

8. St. Peter’s University

St. Peters has long offered a nursing program in the Jesuit tradition, and now that program is available as an online only educational opportunity. The program is designed for those who are already certified RNs to complete BSN coursework in 32 credit hours. The program emphasizes holistic medicine, and nurturing the mind, body and spirit to equal degrees.

9.Anna Maria College

Anna Maria college is a small private educational institution, which offers an online BSN program. This program, which includes 45 hours of coursework, does not have a clinical element. Students typically complete the program in two and a half years.

10.Adventist University of Health Sciences

Adventist – Florida Hospital’s University, is a faith based college that specializes in medical services, and which has a long history of low-cost medical degrees for those serious about the healing arts. Its online BSN program is designed for those that already have their RN and typically takes 18 to 24 months to complete. The coursework focuses on nursing as ministry.

The 25 Most Influential People in Medicine Alive Today

When you think of the most influential people in medicine, you probably think of doctors and scientists on the cutting edge of some cure, or medical technology advance. It is actually much larger than that. The most influential people in medicine include doctors, researchers, politicians, funding masterminds, and more. To be truly influential, a person must be visible, well respected, and have accomplished something that influenced a major change in the way people view medicine, wellness, or healthcare. Here are the top 25 most influential people in medicine, who are still alive today.

1. Robert Grant began researching AIDS in the 80s when the disease first became prevalent. In 2010, he released a study that inspired the prevention of AIDS in those most at risk, rather than simply focusing on treating those who had already contracted the disease.


Personal Page:

2. Michelle Obama has made it her personal mission to use her husband's time in office as an opportunity to inspire a healthier America. She founded the Let's Move initiative, and other programs that target obese children.


Personal Page


3. Barack Obama forever changed the landscape of medical care in America when he pushed the Health Care For America plan, which provides for all Americans to have some kind of health insurance by the end of 2014.

Barack Obama

Personal Page


4. Peter Agre won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2003. He discovered the water channel proteins that transport water through the cell membrane, and isolated those aquaporins in both plants and animals.

Peter Agre



5. Richard Axel, and his partner Linda B Buck, mapped the genes that control and encode the human sense of smell.

Personal site


6. Dr. Mehmet Oz M.D. has certainly made himself well known. The cardio-thoracic surgeon works to bring a variety of important but little known health facts to the public, and has found a way to make medical knowledge popular.

Personal Site


7. Dr. Mark Hyman found himself at the top of the New York Times best seller list in 2012 for his book The Blood Sugar Solution. His book demonstrated mainstream, easy to accomplish solutions to several chronic illnesses.

Personal Site


8. Dr. Sanjay Gupta serves as the chief medical correspondent at CNN. He launched Fit Nation, an American anti-obesity program, and delivers new medical developments to the public, in terms that they can easily understand.

Personal Site


9. Michael Brown, along with his partner Joseph L Goldstein, were honored with the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine in 1985. They traced the genetic markers that affect the metabolism of cholesterol, and developed medication to control it.

Personal Site


10. Andrew Weil M.D. is perhaps the most well known proponent of integrative medicine. He is a TV celebrity, a well known author, and program director at the University of Arizona.

Personal Site


11. Rita Levi-Montalcini is an Italian neurologist, and professor of medicine at Washington University in St. Louis. She is best known for single handedly discovering what stimulates nerve growth in the human body. She won a Nobel prize in 1986.


12. Barry J. Marshall discovered a bacteria related to ulcers in the lining of the stomach. He also determined how to treat the bacteria with antibiotics in order to cure many cases of gastritis.


13. J. Robin Warren was Barry J Marshall’s partner. Together they won a Nobel prize and changed the way ulcers are approached in modern medicine.

Personal Site


14. Dr. Atul Gawande serves as the founder of Life Box, and is an adviser for the World Health Organization's Safe Surgery initiative. He has written three books that were listed on the New York Times bestseller list in medicine.

Personal Site


15. Dr. Lisa Masterson has become a household name by co-hosting the popular TV show The Doctors, but her medical expertise goes far beyond cable television. She is the medical director of Oceans Oasis Medical Spa, and founder of Maternal Fetal Care International.

Personal Site

16. Mark Bertolini is the chairman, president and CEO of Aetna, the third-largest health insurer in the United States. He has a significant amount of influence in both the private medical sector and government.


17. Dr. Elias Zerhouni served as director of the United States National Institutes of Health for nearly a decade, before stepping down in 2008. He now serves at Johns Hopkins University as professor of radiology and biomedical engineering.


18. Dr. Francis Collins has had a long and illustrious medical career during which he discovered the root cause of 6 major diseases, and served as the head of the Genome Project. He is currently the director of biomedical research at the National Institute of Health.


19. Dr. David L. Baltimore is the Chairman of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He won a Nobel prize for his study of retroviruses at the age of 37, and has continued to advance the medical field ever since.


20. Dr. Harold E. Varmus won a Nobel prize in 1989 for his work on cancer. He specific discovered the cellular origin of viral oncogenes. Today he works as the President of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.


21. James Thomson has worked with embryonic stem cells, and has pushed for acceptance of this extremely controversial field of medicine.

22. Shinya Yamanaka has worked alongside James Thomson in stem cell research. They have specifically discovered how to remove cells with specialized function from embryonic stem cells. He and Sir John Gurdon were also research partners for years before they were honored with the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2012.

23. Bill Gates may seem like an unlikely personality to find on the medical top 25, but his software has changed the face of medicine forever. Windows-based computers are the primary medical filing tool in offices today. More importantly, The Gates Foundation is working on eradicating Malaria worldwide.

24. Sir John B. Gurdon, along with his partner Shinya Yamanaka, discovered that mature cells can be reprogrammed. This means that all cells can be made pluripotent, or more versatile, than researchers previously believed they were.

Personal site

25. Dr. Phil McGraw is a psychiatrist and TV personality known for pushing people to "get real." He has takes a hard stance against addictions, and has helped a great number of people seek in the counseling, and treatment they most need.

Personal site